Pairing Classics With Classics

Classic style pieces are so fabulous because they can be paired with just about anything. They play well with a piece of clothing that is totally off the wall and funky, like a fur coat and disco leggings, or are simply perfect on their own as the center of the ensemble. Y'all know that I'm a sucker for classic staples, evidence can be seen all over the style section of my blog, like the  jeans + pumps pairing that I'm still obsessed with. I think all of the 60's movies I've been watching have made me nostalgic for past styles. I know that they have helped me appreciate that a classic is a true work of art that has withstood the harsh turnover of the fashion world. I clearly didn't invent this shiz, I just hardcore dig it. 

In this look, I've paired classics with classics the whole outfit through! Vintage Chanel pumps, a crisp white oxford, red lippy, pearls, aviators, a vintage Louis & a denim mini skirt all work so well together, don't you agree? Classics look good with just about anything, especially other classics. 

I recently received the most gorgeous hand-stamped golden cuff bracelets from Shop Lindsey Vee! The elegant bracelets can be customized to say anything that you want. Mine say "oui je peux," which means yes I can, "la vie en rose," which means life in pink, and "skm," which is simply my initials! I adore them because not only are they beautiful, they remind me of things that are meaningful to me. I love having oui je peux on my wrist telling me that yes, I can do this. 


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